Cultivate the 21st century

Our vision at Corporate Social Responsibility

Moerman Lilium is your quality lily expert. Why? Top quality lilies harvested fresh every day with the lowest possible environmental impact. Our goal is to produce flowers in a sustainable way.

Certification: evidence of our skills and care

We are MPS-A qualified. This means, amongst other things,  we don’t use more chemicals than strictly necessary. In practice, this means we use no or  nihil chemicals. Growing the natural way not only benefits our products, but also our environment.

Everything nature provides

Instead of using chemicals, we like to look for substitutes provided by nature. For example, Jan Moerman started a natural growing system where we use all sorts of good things nature provides us with. Using natural ingredients minimizes the use of chemical and polluting fertilizer.

Also, our greenhouse has a unique open roof system that allows us to use sunlight and wind to make the lilies sturdy and the colours more bright. It is our strong believe that all good things are provided by nature and that we should honour this to also guarantee a good future for generations to come.