Watch the lilies grow for 8 March production



In this Blog we will follow the large lot of liles growing from bulb to flower for international woman’s day !


Week 1 , all the bulbs are planted with extra spcace to get extra heavy crop. So all the Universe, Novazembla, Tabledance, Crystalblanca, Siberia, Willeke Alberti and more will come with very heavy quality and large numbers, hopefully just in time for International Woman’s day ! stay tuned !!

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Week 2 ; not much happening. all bulbs are nicely getting sprouts and roots in the coolingcells set at the perfect conditions for oriental lillies !

20141108_091713_resized20141108_091650_resized 20141108_091622_resized 20141108_091535_resized


Week 5 The lilies are coming out of the soil with VERY thick stems, looking very promising !!

Novazembla, Universe, Crystalblanca, Tabledance, Siberia, Willeke Alberti, Saporro, Canterino all 5+ / 6+ on it’s way !

image (1) image (2) image (4) image (3)

image (5) image (6) image (9) image (10) image image (12)


Week 12 ; Only 2-3 more weeks to go, Beautifull Universe, Sapporo, Novazembla, Siberia, Willke Alberti, Crystal blanca and Tabledance !

20150131_112515_resized_1 20150131_112542_resized_1 20150131_112551_resized_1

20150131_112558_resized_1 20150131_112606_resized_1 20150131_112628_resized_1

20150131_112656_resized_1 20150131_112720_resized_1


 And now ……: We are ready for it !! International womansday can start for Moermanlilium, we are in full production the coming weeks. Hopefully to make many eastern European women happy 🙂

Big lots of Tabledance, Saporro, Novazembla, Siberia, Crystal Blanca, Willeke Alberti, Universe. tap on a picture to see the quality from nearby !

20150214_091216_resized 20150214_091232_resized 20150214_091237_resized 20150214_091253_resized 20150214_091306_resized 20150214_091318_resized 20150214_091430_resized 20150214_091430_resized_1 20150214_091437_resized 20150214_091447_resized 20150214_091518_resized 20150214_091524_resized 20150214_091555_resized 20150214_091548_resized 20150214_091539_resized